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Meet the Team

Heather L. Gomes
Executive Director

As PAL’s Executive Director, Heather is committed to expanding access to the joys and therapeutic benefits of human-animal interactions while honoring the mutuality of the human-animal bond and nurturing a culture of kindness and respect.  Heather grew up surrounded by animal companions of many species and is grateful to her mother for instilling in her a reverence for nature and animals and an understanding of our interconnectedness.  A lifelong advocate for people and animals, Heather has volunteered with a therapeutic horseback riding program, fostered dogs, and practiced law.  She earned a graduate certificate in Animals and Human Health, B.A. in Psychology, M.A. in Women’s Studies, and J.D.  A native Washingtonian, Heather currently lives in Silver Spring, Maryland with her husband and two dogs, Olivia and Winter.  In her free time, she likes to connect with friends and family, read, travel, watch soccer, and make music playlists.

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Kerri Schepers
Coaching & Evaluation Committee Chair


Lisa Jacques
Visit Requests Committee Chair

Earl Strimple, DVM
Founder & Chairman

Jessica Brede Eisenberg

Toni Billingslea

Sheila Cohen

Gwen Davidow

Evan Gottfried

Dawn Mancuso

Dr. Donna Snyder

Lisa Jacques

Justin Zelikovitz, Esq.

Board of Directors
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