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Due to a high volume of applicants, expect an onboarding process of 6 months from date of initial inquiry to completion of evaluation.

To be eligible to become a PAL team:

  • Humans must be up to date, per the CDC, on COVID-19 vaccines

  • Dogs must be fully up to date on rabies (& distemper if a DC resident) vaccination

  • Dogs must be at least one year old, and have lived with you for at least six months

  • Dogs must have passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test


Steps in the registration process for PAL teams that make in-person visits:

  • participate in a 30 minute introductory Zoom session

  • complete a 25-minute handler virtual interview

  • demonstrate at an in-person evaluation that you and your animal have the skills and temperament to be a safe, effective team

  • submit health records for your animal, and

  • demonstrate competency at two coached visits


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