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PAL therapy dogs bring joy to government workers in Washington, DC

PAL dog-handler teams help to de-stress and sustain our federal workforce, from U.S. Capitol Police officers to staff at the State Department, USAID, and the Senate.  Click the link below to see national news coverage of PAL's impactful work on the popular CBS News show "America Decides." 


PAL therapy pups Oliver Toast and Bixie stole the show and the hearts of all in the news room at DCW50 on National Therapy Animal Day, April 30, 2024!


      ​Click the link below to watch the video on Living Local DMV's website.


Kids are reading to therapy dogs on Zoom


Kids Read to Therapy Dogs Through Program That's Gone Virtual During Pandemic


Kids Are Going to the Dogs to Practice Reading


Washington, D.C. Hotel Surprises National Guard Guests With Adorable Therapy Dogs


GMA's Lara Spencer shares about PAL's "Read to a PAL Dog!" program


Reporter Aixa Diaz shares how kids are reading to dogs on Zoom

CTV News Logo.jpeg

Therapy dogs take to Zoom to help eager young readers gain confidence


3 Stories of Customers Using Zoom to Create Meaningful Connection

Click an icon to see how PAL created meaningful connections during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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